The Ultimate Fender Cover

So much more than just a fender cover, a Badass Fender Cover completely and securely covers your vehicle’s entire front end - fender to fender, providing the ULTIMATE protection when working under the hood.  From pulling a motor to routine maintenance, a Badass Fender Cover lets you wrench under the hood without worry.  

With a Badass Fender Cover, you can invite the boys over to help without worrying about those big belt buckles or keys sticking out the pockets.  Your Little Hot Rod can hand you tools and start learning to share your love of wrenching without worrying about a dropped tool or finger painting with oil.

Custom Design & Construction

Each Badass Fender Cover is custom made to order in the USA using top quality materials.  Designed to last, Badass Fender Covers are manufactured using a high-quality industrial automotive car bra material which features a soft fleece backing.  All seams are sewn using Whisper-soft Seams (seams trimmed to the outside), ensuring no harsh edges or seams rest against your finish. 

Easy and Secure Attachment

Each Badass Cover is custom designed to allow you to quickly and securely attach the cover to your vehicle without any modifications.   All magnetic attachment points are inside the engine bay.  When a Badass Fender Cover is attached to the car as directed, it will not slip, slide, or fall off.  You can work under the hood, even leaning on and over the fenders, confident your car is protected.

☆ Made in the USA ☆

Family owned and operated, we custom sew all of our fender covers using quality materials and craftsmanship.  Each model has been created, designed, and patterned by us to create the best protection possible for you.  We stand behind our products, no matter what it takes.  We strive to produce the best product possible, but should we make a mistake (or even if you make a mistake) you can rest assured that we will stand behind our product and make it right!  

CeCe & Shaun Brown, Designer & Owner

Our Customer Reviews

  • ✭✭✭✭

    Just received that "BADASS" fender cover, man what can I say! I am besides myself your product is unique you are the bomb. The storage bag was the added bonus for me. Hope your business takes off, just a brief message of my gratitude. 

    Rodrigo M.

  • ✭✭✭✭

    Just an update, got to use the fender cover tonight and they work awesome! They do not slide around at all and they look great while protecting your car. The pocket is awesome also because you can put small tools and parts in them without losing them.

    Dylan T.

  • ✭✭✭✭

    This is so cool!!! My Father's Day present!!! It's from a new company called "Bad Ass Fender Covers" it covers from one fender to the next and across the front!!! Even comes with a carry case. High quality stuff!!!!
    Stephen L.